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Witness to Revolution

Linus Pauling did more at Oregon Agricultural College than learn science and fall in love. He began to build a strong sense of self-confidence, a belief in his abilities to teach and to think critically. And he enlarged his understanding of society. His ceaseless reading included the stories of the French writer Guy de Maupassant, with their lessons about human nature, and the plays of the British social critic George Bernard Shaw, whose wit and insight started him thinking about the many ways in which a society built around privileged classes and private wealth could hurt its poorer and less fortunate members.

Sir Edwin Ray Lankester

Come director of the natural history division of the British Museum, from which post he retired in 1907 to devote more time to his writing. He was a prolific writer, who wrote both for his scientific colleagues and for the popular press. He made biology, especially evolution and natural history, accessible to the nonscientist in weekly newspaper columns that were later collated and published in book form. Another of his books, Extinct Animals (1905), was the first book to introduce dinosaurs to the general public. He despised what he thought was quackery and was one of the first scientists to dismiss spiritualists and mediums as quacks. He was also vehemently opposed to the Lamarkian idea of the inheritance of acquired characteristics. Because of his tenacity in debate, he was often likened to a bulldog.

People who dont exist at least not yet

The minutest philosophers, who, by the by, have the most enlarged understandings, (their souls being inversely as their enquiries) shew us incontestably, the HOMUNCULUS may be benefited, - he may be injured, - he may obtain redress - in a word, he has all the claims and rights of humanity, which Tully, Puffendorf, or the best ethick writers allow to arise out of that state and relation.

Tumour Characteristics and Prognosis

Age incidence being 41 years, compared with about 60 years in cases of ordinary carcinoma of the colon and rectum 9 . While most writers claim that the siting of colitis carcinomas does not differ materially from that of ordinary large bowel carcinomas, others have demonstrated that while approximately three-quarters of ordinary carcinomas are concentrated in the rectum and sigmoid, only one-quarter of the col-itic carcinoma occurs in the rectosigmoid segment

Its life Jim but not as we know it

As this quote from Mr Spock of the original Star Trek TV series highlights, science fiction writers (and scientists) have imagined many different forms of extraterrestrial life. These range from life consisting of 'pure energy', to life in the thermonuclear furnace of a star, to life within a few degrees of absolute zero which uses superconductivity to provide its energy. It may be rather hard to gain concrete evidence for the existence of such life, at least given our present abilities, even if such things do exist. Perhaps we would be better sticking to life as we know it. In this chapter, I will focus on what our knowledge of organisms in extreme environments might tell us about what is perhaps the greatest unanswered question in science is there life elsewhere in the universe

Androids and Miniaturization

At this point, it is foreseeable that mankind would have to face a tough problem, already envisioned by the famous science fiction writer and bio-physicist Isaac Asimov (1982) in his great robot novel series Can one accept androids as humans To a lesser degree, this problem would already have arisen if our ancestors Homo habilis or Homo erectus were still alive today.

Bacterial or Viral Infection

Between 1347 and 1352, the plague wiped out one third of the estimated population of 75 million people in Europe. There are two types of plague. First, and more widely known, is bubonic plague, an infection that causes high fever and a painful swelling of the lymph glands called buboes. The Black Death of the 14th century was mainly of this type and is commonly spread through fleas that have fed on an infected rat. Second, and even more dangerous, is pneumonic plague, spread through aerosol droplets released by coughing and sneezing. Although not as common as the bubonic strain, it is more deadly, with an untreated mortality rate of nearly 100 , compared to 50 for bubonic plague. As witnessed by the contemporary Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio, the disease struck and killed people with terrible speed, such that victims ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise . In many towns the dead outnumbered the living, and bodies piled in the streets faster than...

Basics of Monitoring and Recording

Figure 13-3 Multi-parameter biosignal recording is performed in a sleep laboratory or a neurophysiological laboratory. This includes many options for different signals. All signals are stored digitally by a personal computer. The interface to the amplifiers is usually given through an application software, here denoted as central panel . Paper chart writers may be used for monitoring purposes and documentation at the same time. For later processing and archiving the possibilities of network access and CD-ROM Figure 13-3 Multi-parameter biosignal recording is performed in a sleep laboratory or a neurophysiological laboratory. This includes many options for different signals. All signals are stored digitally by a personal computer. The interface to the amplifiers is usually given through an application software, here denoted as central panel . Paper chart writers may be used for monitoring purposes and documentation at the same time. For later processing and archiving the possibilities...

Folk Classifications of Insects a Comparative Perspective

Although there are some Navajo generic terms that cover biological species from more than one insect order - the taxon asa nayehe 'pot carrier', for example, embraces both blister beetles (Meloidae) and robber flies (Asilidae) - it is evident that there is a fairly close correspondence between biological nomenclature and Navajo taxonomy (see my re-analysis of Navajo folk taxonomy and symbolism, Morris 1979). There is some disagreement among writers regarding the taxonomic status of insects among the Navajo Perchonok and Werner (1969 231) regard the insects as forming a distinct class Ch'osh, whereas Wyman and Bailey (1964) indicate that insects may fall under any of the more general categories, such as water, flying or moving animals. But the term Cos seems to cover small crawling insects or worms, and wo is a general term for ants, and such insects as sand crickets, cicadas, and bed bugs. Navajo names are descriptive on the whole, particularly in relation to terminal (specific)...

Historical Background to Levels of Processing in SDI

Another Stoic writer who used the language of appearances was the Greek astronomer Cleomedes (c. first-third century AD). He attempted to explain the sun illusion by SDI, and wrote (Meteora II.1) However, the sun's distance seems to us to vary. The sun appears to us nearest in the meridian, and further away when rising and setting. Whenever it appears near it appears very small and whenever its distance appears greater, its size also appears larger. (Trans. Ross, 2000).

The Organizational Life Cycle

The common interest shared by the organizational life cycle (OLC) literature is the performance of firms over a length of time. The underlying assumption is that organizations move through various stages of growth in distinct, definable phases. Life cycle writers will typically examine contextual characteristics such as age, size, and growth looking for causal inferences. Although there may not be a common OLC, there are indeed common problems arising at similar stages of organizational development that encompass a large fraction of organizations (Churchill and Lewis 1983 Miller and Friesen 1984).

Ethnobiological Classifications

It is worth noting that Aristotle placed little emphasis on the conception of nature (physis) as a totality, over and above the natures of particular things. As one writer put it Aristotle's nature is 'not transcendent but immanent as the species or soul of individuals' (Preus 1975 184). And in classifying these various species-beings or natural kinds Aristotle focused

Conflating Feelings

The eroticization of feelings of humiliation is a familiar example of the conflation of very different affect systems, which, as I have noted, is a uniquely human attribute. The conflation of feelings of humiliation and erotic excitement can be illustrated by the narrative structure of certain fantasies. These accounts also illustrate the importance of unconscious intentionality as a director of the corporeal imagination. The conflation of erotic feelings and humiliation is evident in fantasies of being beaten.5 I have no way of estimating the prevalence of fantasies of being beaten, but the writer Daphne Merkin, in a New Yorker article (1996), described her life-long preoccupation with fantasies of being beaten on the buttocks. Fantasies of being beaten, controlled, and humiliated may, for some, be necessary to achieve orgasm. A humiliating fantasy of this sort may take


As described in Chapter 3, there is a wide choice of transfer ports available, and the writer of a URS may decide to specify some particular type. Alternatively, the URS may set out what is required and allow discussion to develop with isolator manufacturers as to how the problems will be tackled. In order to determine what transfer ports are needed, the following five issues will need to be considered

Sexual assault

The United States has been referred to by many writers as a rape culture. The rate of rape in the United States is higher than in any other industrialized nation in the world (Lott, 1994). According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (1997), in 1995 there were 355,300 reported attempted and completed sexual assaults in the United States a woman reports a forcible rape

Rape prevention

Many writers have pointed to the role violent pornography plays in encouraging callous attitudes toward women. Researchers in this field generally do not define all sexually explicit material as pornography. Instead, researchers have found that it is not sexually explicit material per se but rather sexually explicit scenes containing violence against women that has the most dramatic effects on attitudes and behavior. Linz, Donnerstein, and Penrod (1984) found that experimental groups exposed to violent images embedded in sexually explicit scenes, or even violent images alone, compared to control groups and those exposed to X-rated films, were more likely to discount the experience of rape victims. The victim's injuries were seen as less severe and the experimental groups judged her more worthless as a person. Other experi

Sexual harassment

The nation became aware of the nature of sexual harassment in 1991 when a renowned law professor, Dr. Anita Hill, came forward to charge a Supreme Court nominee, Dr. Clarence Thomas, with sexual harassment. Anita Hill was ridiculed and humiliated by the senators who questioned her. Despite the fact that several other women also came forward to claim he harassed them at work, Clarence Thomas was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice. Nowhere has the gendered nature of this form of violence against women been so clearly delineated. For women across America, the Hill-Thomas hearings drew the battle lines of the gender war. As Margaret Randall (1992) points out in her introduction to the book, Sexual Harassment Women Speak Out, the people listening to Anita Hill's testimony heard two different stories. Those with an awareness of the sexual oppression of women (mostly women) heard a different story than those with a vested interest in patriarchal values (mostly men). A Los Angeles Times...

Summary of Chapter

The nature and the means of the assignments in the genetic code are best understood by comparison with other codes under the guidance of coding theory. For example, it is well to recall the discussion regarding the construction of block codes in Section 4.3.2. Given a binary alphabet of (0,1), we need to construct a code for a destination quaternary alphabet U, G, A, C. This can be done with the first extension, using all pairs of (0,1), namely, 00,01,10,11. However, this code is saturated and provides no error protection. Therefore, the writer of the code may wish to go to the second extension and use all eight triplets of (0,1) and so on to further extensions as required.


Finally, consistent with its overall conservative attitude the Council argues that enhancers might just threaten the innocence and the simple joys of childhood. (ibid. 94) A special protected phase of development such as childhood (Aries 1960 deMause 1974) is a very late notion in human development and only common in our literature from about the time of the French Revolution. Conservative writers such as Postman (1982) have sug

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