Patient Education and Smoking Cessation

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Patient education is an important part in the management of COPD. The patient should be educated about the disease and encouraged to take an active role in its management (2). Cigarette smoking is the most significant cofactor in the etiology of COPD. Consequently, cessation of smoking is the single most important therapeutic intervention in the management of COPD patients. This can reduce the progressive reduction in FEV1 in smokers with established COPD (3). Moreover, it is the only therapeutic intervention that can lessen or stop the rate of progression of COPD. Smoking cessation can be achieved by patients with the advice and support of their physician. If this is unsuccessful, other methods should be attempted, including nicotine replacement (in the forms of gum, transdermal patch, spray, or inhaler), bupropion, and/or professional counseling. Smoking cessation is crucial in the management of all stages of COPD, and patients should be encouraged to quit as soon as possible. It has been documented that mild pulmonary function abnormalities are completely reversible in smokers who have been smoking for a relatively short duration (4).

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