Programmation of GnRHnt Cycles

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The programmation of GnRH-nt cycles is important to organize the work load of large IVF centers. Programmation could be obtained with progesterone administration in the late luteal phase or oral contraceptive pill (74). A more original way of programming the cycle was proposed by Fanchin et al. (75). The authors proposed luteal administration of estradiol in the late luteal phase as proposed by de Ziegler (76). The administration of estradiol prevents the FSH rise induced by the luteolysis and could synchronize the follicular cohort (75). Some authors (Kolibianakis et al., unpublished data) found lower pregnancy rates when an estro-progestative pill is used. The results of this study are not yet confirmed by other authors. In poor respon-ders, the use of contraceptive pills to program GnRH-nt cycle was found to be associated with increased cancellation rate (77).

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