Perinatal Outcome of Pregnancy After GnRHnt for Ovarian Induction

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Recently, two papers have been published on the perinatal outcome of IVF pregnancies obtained with GnRH-nt.

One report followed 67 pregnant patients after ovarian induction with Ganirelix multiple-dose protocol (95). The miscarriage rate was 9%, and full data on perinatal outcome was obtained in 61 patients. The mean gestational age was 39.4 week for singleton pregnancies and 36.6 week for multiple pregnancies. A birth weight lower than 2500 g was present in 8.7%, one baby had a major congenital malformation, and seven minor malformations were reported in five infants. These results were not different from data available on IVF pregnancies.

Another study addresses the same objective with the use of Cetrorelix (multiple- and single-dose protocols). Pregnancies that resulted from phase II and III trials were followed to investigate the safety of GnRH-nt (96). A total of 227 children born were evaluated in terms of outcome of pregnancy, delivery, birth weight, and after one and two years of age to search for some developmental disorder. The incidence of major congenital malformation was 3.1% and minor malformations occurred in 2.6% of the cases. The clinical abortion rate was 16.8% and the ectopic pregnancy rate 3.4%. The follow-up data on physical development did not show any significantly abnormality.

The authors of both studies concluded that the use of GnRH-nt in ovarian stimulation protocols did not cause a harm or detrimental effect on the pregnancy course or perinatal outcome of those patients. These two studies concern a too small number of cases to discuss the malformations rates.

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