Outcome And Childrens Health

For all forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART), the most important outcome parameter is the health of the children born after ART. The birth of a healthy singleton birth has to be considered as the most important outcome parameter after ART (79). Even after several decades of ART practice, one has to realize that it is impossible to give an answer with regards to risks for pregnancy and birth complications for ovarian stimulation in view of timed intercourse and intrauterine insemination. Only in IVF and ICSI have enough data been collected to provide a valid estimation of the risks. Even then, there are limitations in the study design of IVF and ICSI follow-up which make it impossible to estimate whether it is the ART procedure or the underlying infertility of the treated couples that influence the outcome (80). Several aspects of ART outcome will be reviewed: pregnancy complications, major malformations, possible reasons for adverse outcome as well as the increase of multiple ART pregnancies.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

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