Oral Contraceptive Pretreatment

The role of GnRH antagonists in human IVF is discussed in Chapter 5. Oral contraceptive pre-treatment for ovarian stimulation in a GnRH agonist or a GnRH antagonist cycle has been recently investigated. Oral contraceptive scheduling of a GnRH agonist or a GnRH antagonist protocol results in fol-licular growth and hormone profile are similar to those observed in GnRH agonist protocols. The number of premature LH rises remains low. Similar numbers of oocytes and high-quality embryos are obtained. This is significant because the use of the oral contraceptive pre-treatment method significantly improves scheduling in a typical IVF program operating Monday to Friday. The greater convenience of oral contraceptive pre-treatment scheduling appears off-set by the need for longer stimulation protocols and more FSH than with a nonschedule regimen.

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