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Few papers on the use and potential benefits of GnRH-nt protocol in IUI cycles are yet available. Some found higher pregnancy rates (92,93). Others found only a trend in higher success rate (94).

Some of the advantages shown in IVF cycles can be applied for IUI. In case of premature LH surge when criteria of optimal follicular maturation are not obtained, GnRH-nts could be proposed to prevent and postpone ovulation. The luteal phase of stimulated cycle in IUI cycles was studied by Ragni et al. (83).

Programmation of the timing of IUI could also be obtained with GnRH-nt. Of course, this is not a medical indication and IUI can be advanced if an LH surge is detected, however this is not always possible. It remains to be demonstrated that postponing the triggering of ovulation with GnRH-nt when adequate follicular size and E2 levels are reached does not adversely affect the results.

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