Incubator Incubation Chamber

As discussed above, for optimal development of human embryos in vitro it is important to maintain both the pH of the medium and temperature. The choice and use of incubators is therefore paramount for the success of an IVF program. Several studies have determined that embryo development in vitro is increased by restricting the opening of an incubator (105,274). Furthermore, the use of IR sensor incubators which restore CO2 levels within two to three minutes helps to alleviate the detrimental effect of repeated opening of the incubator (274). Alternatively, the use of modular incubator chambers (MICs) inside the incubator enables the gas phase that embryos are cultured in to remain constant. Mouse embryo development in MIC's at the same gas phase as the incubator (5% CO2 in air) was significantly increased compared to development in the main chamber of the incubator (105). The use of incubators that have multiple chambers within the single incubator chamber can also reduce fluctuations in temperature and CO2 levels induced by frequent door openings.

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