Reporting of Discography Results

The formal reporting of discography should be performed within hours of the examination so that important details of each study can be recalled. In our practice, discography films and previous spine imaging studies of the same region are displayed for comparison at the time of formal interpretation. The following information must be communicated for each study.12

1. Injection volume, injection pressure, end-point characteristics (no end point, soft/firm, or voluntary termination of injection).

2. Intensity of response (0-10).

3. Concordance vs nonconcordance of the experience relative to clinical complaints.

4. Location(s) of pain/pressure perception.

5. Disc morphology (normal or abnormal, including details of anatomical derangement(s) encountered, such as annular tears, fissures, vertebral body endplate defects, and contrast leakage).

6. Upon completion of the report for each disc studied, we add a statement regarding the patient's general cooperation and pain tolerance observed during the procedure. We also state whether, in our opinion, results of the study are or are not valid.

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