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Needle systems, for biopsy, 73

coaxial, 74 Neoplastic vascular lesions, spinal cord, 304 cavernous malformations, 304 therapy, 304 hemangioblastomas, 304 therapy, 304, 305 Nerve blocks, 51, 160-164, 161-164 complications of, 164-168,

165-166 diagnostic, 44-46 central nerve blocks, 45-46

peripheral nerve blocks, 45 root of nerve, 58-60 Nerve conduction studies, 44 Nerves of spine, 11-14, 13 Neuralgia, postherpetic, tricyclic antidepressants for, 34. See also under drug name Neurodestructive techniques, 51

Neurontin, for depression, 34 Neuropathic pain, 277

Neuropathy thermography for, 42 from thyroid disorders, screening for, 44 Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, 48 for analgesia, 33 block of cytochrome c oxidase enzymes, effect on pain, 48 NSAIDs. See Nonsteroidal anti-

inflammatory drugs Nucleus pulposus, herniated, lumbar disc, automated percutaneous discectomy, 139-142, 140-141

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Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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