Kava, in treatment of anxiety, 50

Ketoralac, for analgesia, 22 Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, 306

Kyphoplasty, 61-63, 334-348 biomechanical investigations, 346

patient selection, 335,

335-336 results, 345-346 technique, 336-345, 337-344 vertebral body deformity in, 334-335

Laboratory tests, in diagnosis, 44

Lactated Ringer solution, as anesthetic, 259 Lamotrigine, mechanism of action, 49

Levofloxacin, as antibiotic, 32 Lidocaine, 31, 48, 258-259 mechanism of action, 50 "no-sting" solution, 259 Local anesthetics, 48-49, 49t Lortab, for analgesia, 33 Lumbar disc annular lesions, classification of, 107 herniated, intradiscal oxygen-ozone treatment,

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