laboratory work, 177 mechanical, catheter placement, 187-191, 188-190 monitoring of patient,

177-178 needle placement, 178-179 pathological filling defects, structural abnormalities producing, 173

patient positioning, 178 patient preparation, 177-178 radiation safety, 178 recent developments in,

197-199, 197-200 thoracic, 197 Epinephrine, in anesthetic, 258-259

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, in screening for autoimmune dysfunction, 44 Evaluation of patient. See Patient evaluation Evoked pain, 277

Facet abnormalities, in radiograph, 41 Facet arthropathy, on extension, facet rhizolysis for pain, 51 Facet blockade, 56-58. See also

Facet injections Facet injections, 203-218 anatomy, 203-205, 204-205 facet joint block technique,

208-213, 210-213 medial branch block technique, 213-216, 214-216 postoperative care, 216-217 spinal pain, 205-216, 206-207 Facet joint syndrome, 45 Facet rhizolysis for pain on extension, 51 Failed spinal fusions, in radiograph, 41 Fibrin glue patch cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia, 328-331 blood-banked cryoprecipitate, 328-329 cryoprecipitate, drawback of using, 328 fever with, 329 fibrin sealants, 328 prophylactic use of, 329 technique, 329-331, 330-331 headache with, 329 Fibrosis, epidural pathological changes with, 197

pathological filling defect produced by, 173 spinal endoscopy, 197

Fluoroscopic imaging equipment biplane, 28

fixed, single-plane, 28 mobile C-arm, 29 Fluoroscopy, in biopsy, 73 Follow up of patients, 52

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