We analyzed the failures reported herein, focusing on possible technical errors to establish whether indications for treatment had been too broad or whether correlations exist between certain types of herniated disc, site of herniation, type of intervention, and treatment failure.

Clinical follow-up for up to 18 months in 835 patients confirmed persistently good outcome in 72% of the cases. CT or MR follow-up was done in 382 patients, documenting a reduction in herniated disc size only in 67% of cases.

Retrospective analysis of our failures disclosed that an unsuccessful outcome was much more unlikely in the presence of calcified herni-ated discs, herniations associated with stenosis of the spinal canal, and large extruded herniations.

Vertebral Body
Figure 19.4. Pathological analysis of tissue of surgically herniated disk removed after unsuccessful treatment with oxygen-ozone shows dehydration of the fibrillary matrix without evidence of the chondroid metaplasia.

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