Facet Joint Injections

Timothy S. Eckel

Current medical information on spine pain management implicates the facet joints as one causative mechanism in the etiology of spinal pain.1,2 Diagnostic and therapeutic facet joint blocks have long been used by anesthesiologists and physical medicine practitioners in the diagnosis and management of spinal pain syndromes, frequently without image guidance. The increasing interest of the interventional radiology community in the management of spine pain promotes the use of careful image guidance in facet therapy to promote objectivity, technical accuracy, and increased patient safety in the evaluation and treatment of these disorders. Knowledge of the anatomy of the facet joints and techniques used in diagnosis and management of facet-mediated pain syndromes is important for any interventionist involved in the treatment of patients with spinal pain. Interventionists play a critical role in objectively diagnosing facet-mediated pain syndromes and in providing accurate intervention aimed at pain relief.

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