The Spinal Nerve In The Intervertebral Foramen

The spinal nerve and the proximal parts of its primary rami reside in the intervertebral foramen. Two early branches of the primary rami warrant mention here (Fig. 11). First, the sinuvertebral, or recurrent meningeal nerves, branch from the anterior primary ramus and reen-

Sinuvertebral Nerve Anatomy

Fig. 17. Sagittal T1 MR of the lumbar spine. The epidural space is shown by the high signal fat within the epidural space.

Taenia Solium Cervicales
Fig. 16. Sagittal T1 MR through the cervical spine. Notice how the spinal cord becomes slightly larger at C6 and C7.

ter the intervertebral foramen to supply pain and proprioceptive fibers to the posterior longitudinal ligament and the area of the anulus fibrosus associated with this ligament. Second, articular branches of the posterior primary ramus innervate the zygapophyseal joints and convey proprioception and pain. Each zygapophyseal joint is innervated by two articular branches, one branch from the posterior ramus exiting the intervertebral foramen above the joint, and a second branch from the posterior ramus exiting below the joint. To achieve complete anesthesia of a specific zygapophyseal joint, both articular branches must receive anesthetic.

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