Osteoid Osteoma

Osteoid osteoma is a benign bone tumor often associated with severe skeletal pain. The tumor is usually <2 cm in size and consists of a nidus of osteoid and bone in highly vascular tissue. The lesion causes an intense reaction in the surrounding periosteum. Seventy percent of osteoid osteoma patients are younger than 20 yr of age. Osteoid osteoma occurs 2.3 times more frequently in males (27).

Kaweblum et al. collected 52 cases of osteoid osteoma in children from the English literature and seven cases from the Hospital for Joint Diseases (28). Six patients had lesions in the spine. Both planar bone scans and CT were sensitive in detecting osteoid osteoma in patients in whom radiographs were normal. Mandel et al. studied scintigra phy of spinal disorders in adolescents and found 10% of osteoid osteomas to be located in the spine (29). They were located in the laminae, facets, pedicles, and spinous processes in order of decreasing frequency.

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