Distal radius, intraarticular fracture, 380-386, 380-387

Distal ulnar tunnel, ulnar tunnel syndrome, differential diagnosis, 90-91, 91 Distraction osteogenesis hypoplastic digits and hands, 503 transverse deficiencies, digit anomalies,

481-482, 481-483 Doppler studies arterial aneurysms, 145-146, 146 cannulation injuries, 155 ulnar tunnel syndrome, 87 Dorsal capsulodesis, midcarpal instability,

411-416, 413-414

Dorsal carpal ganglion, 535-539, 535-539

Dorsal dislocation, proximal interphalangeal joint, 287-288, 287-294 Dorsal intercalated segment instability (DISI) midcarpal instability, dorsal capsulodesis,

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