Silastic implants proximal interphalangeal joint, osteoarthritis, 425-426, 425-431, 428, 430

radioulnar synostosis, 518 "Skier's thumb" injury, ulnar collateral ligament, 310-317, 310-317 Skin sloughing, Dupuytren's contracture surgery, 172 "Snuff box" scaphoid fracture, 345, 345 Soft tissue injury distal phalangeal fractures, 227 proximal phalangeal fractures, 240 Sourmelis/McGrouther technique, acute laceration, flexor tendon, 205 Spinal cord stimulation, complex regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy, 112-113, 113

Spiral oblique fractures, proximal phalangeal fractures, 239-240

Splinting techniques acute perilunate/lunate wrist dislocations, 396

De Quervains disease, 188, 189, 189-190 distal interphalangeal joint dislocations,

297-298 dorsal carpal ganglion, 537 flexor digitorum profundus avulsion injuries, 221-224, 222 mallet fractures, 234, 234 metacarpophalangeal fractures dorsal dislocation, 303 metacarpal neck fractures, 254-256 proximal interphalangeal joint dorsal dislocation, 290-292 proximal phalangeal condylar fractures,

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