mycobacterial tenosynovitis, 59 osteoarthritis

CMC joint, ligament reconstruction/

tendon interposition, 438 PIP, silastic implants, 431-432 osteochondroma, 558 polydactyly and bifid thumb, 524-525 pronator syndrome, 74 proximal interphalangeal joint dorsal dislocation, 294 fractures, 244

condylar fractures, 250 metacarpophalangeal joint, 269-270 lateral dislocation, 285 volar dislocation, 280 pyogenic arthritis, 33, 34 radial deficiency, 486-487 radial styloid fractures, 373 radioulnar synostosis, 518 rheumatoid arthritis distal interphalangeal joint, 454-455 metacarpophalangeal joint, 468 proximal interphalangeal joint,

460-461 Rolando thumb base fractures, 335 scaphoid wrist fractures, 349

nonunion complications, 367-368, 368 percutaneous treatment, 358 staged tendon reconstruction, 214 stiff joint surgery, 178 triscaphe degenerative arthritis, 449 ulnar collateral ligament injuries, 317 web-space infections, 40, 40 Compound fractures, proximal interphalangeal joint, dorsal dislocation, 291 Compression neuropathy anterior interosseus nerve syndrome, 75,

75-78, 77-78 arterial aneurysms, 145-146, 145-146 carpal tunnel syndrome, 63-69, 64-69

cervical root compression, 102—107,

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