Guyon's canal hypoplastic thumb, type II reconstruction,

509-510 ulnar tunnel syndrome differential diagnosis, 88-92 surgical management, 92-94, 93-94

Hand bite injuries, 50, 50-54, 52-53

congenital anomalies brachydactyly, 494-497, 494-498 digit anomalies, 478-479, 478-483, 481-483

hypoplastic digits and hands, 499-503,

499-503 hypoplastic thumb, type II

reconstruction, 505-506, 505-512, 508-512 macrodactyly, 526-531, 526-531 polydactyly and bifid thumb, 521-524, 521-525

short below-elbow amputation, 471-476, 471-477 frostbite, 9-13

high-pressure injection injuries, 14-17,

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