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This video system is the only one in its kind because it starts by treating the cause instead of the effect. Its about understanding what triggers us to pull. Once we do that, we can treat the cause. Instead of the symptoms. But my main concern is not to tell you why you pull your hair, it is to get you to stop pulling as fast as possible. Im not going to give you a bunch of theory on why you might have. Youre going to learn 4 foundations you need to know to quit trichotillomania permanently, and create lasting change, starting by associating more pain to pulling than pleasure. And youre going to learn 3 up to date techniques to necessary to apply and utilize in order to permanently quit your hair pulling compulsions. The techniques video uses all of the foundations to literally reprogram your brain to associate more pain to pulling than pleasure, thus removing all hair pulling symptoms almost instantly. It does this all subconsciously, so that it now becomes automatic not to pull.Ultimately, you complete the program pull free :) This system literally reconditions your nervous system, so that all of the bad thoughts and feelings you have will disappear along with your hair pulling. This means that you will never have to struggle with will power or any thoughts you might have about your trichotillomania ever again.

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F633 Trichotillomania

A disorder characterized by noticeable hair-loss due to a recurrent failure to resist impulses to pull out hairs. The hair-pulling is usually preceded by mounting tension and is followed by a sense of relief or gratification. This diagnosis should not be made if there is a pre-existing inflammation of the skin, or if the hair-pulling is in response to a delusion or a hallucination.

Box 171 Phobias and Manias

Trichotillomania is the odd practice of compulsively pulling out one's hair in response to stress. The word comes from the root for hair (trich o) plus a Greek word that means to pull. Kleptomania, also spelled cleptomania, is from the Greek word for thief, and describes an irresistible urge to steal in the absence of need.

Selfinjurious behaviour

Defined by Favazza (1998) as deliberate, nonsuicidal destruction of one's own body tissue. Favazza differentiated between major self-mutilation such as eye enucleation and castration, commonly associated with psychosis and intoxication , stereotypic self-mutilation which includes such acts as head banging and self-biting most often accompanying Tourette'S syndrome and severe mental retardation and superficial moderate self-mutilation for which compulsive acts such as trichotillomania repeated urge to pull out scalp and body hair and skin picking and such episodic acts as skin cutting and burning are typical.