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Herbert Leyh, Roger Paul Introduction - 10

Pathogenesis of Urethral Strictures - 10

Preoperative Preparation - 10

Anaesthesia - 10

Indications - 10

Limitations and Risks - 11

Contraindications - 11

Instruments - 11

Operative Technique (Step by Step) - 12

Operative Tricks - 14

Postoperative Care - 14

Common Complications - 14

Laser Urethrotomy - 15

Outcome - 15

References - 15


Is the urethrotomy procedure still up to date?

Since open urethroplasty for treatment of urethral strictures has the highest and longest-lasting success rate, the question of why we still perform a large number of internal urethrotomies arises. What are the advantages of the endourological incision?

Urethrotomy ™ is a simple procedure, ™ it can be performed even under local anesthesia,

™ it can be performed as an outpatient procedure,

™ in most cases open surgery would be an over-treatment.

Therefore, internal urethrotomy performed for proper indications also has a role in the future in the treatment of urethral strictures.

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