Otis Urethrotomy

™ Introduce the well-lubricated urethrotome with the knife hidden inside the instrument into the external meatus.

™ Pass the instrument through the stricture and open it until it lies in close contact with the lumen.

™ After opening the instrument to 25-28 Fr, make the cut by moving the roof-like knife from the resting position and pulling it back through the stenosis at the 12 o'clock position. Do not move the instrument itself.

Usually only one smooth cut has to be made. That leads to a better healing of the urethral mucosa and to a lower tendency for stricture recurrence. However, if it becomes necessary to deepen the cut, open the Otis urethrotome a few French units until it once again lies in firm contact with the urethral wall. Then make a further cut by re-advancing the knife in the proximal direction. The disadvantage of the method is the insufficient control because of lack of visual feedback. This can lead to iatrogenic injury of the urethra.

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