Introduction Preoperative Preparation

As the bladder tumour is the second most common tumour of the genitourinary system, the transurethral resection (TUR) is an intervention, which is often performed [1]. At first manifestation, 70%-75% of bladder tumours are superficial and well differentiated. The recurrence rate is 70% and out of these 6%-10% show a progression with an eventual lethal outcome.

The TUR of bladder tumours (TUR-B) has a double goal: first the total removal of papillary lesions; second to determine the depth of invasion or clinical stage [1].

TUR-B is often the first step for residents in their endourological training. From the technical point of view, new developments for video systems, optics, electrosurgical instruments and high-frequency (HF) generators facilitate TUR-B procedures. Nevertheless, TUR-B is burdened with a significant number of complications.

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