Computer Based Training Systems

The Uromentor system is the most frequently used computer-based training system for the

□ Fig. 1.4. Uromentor System for ureterorenoscopy

upper urinary tract (O Fig. 1.4). Based on real patients, virtual cases are created (O Fig. 1.5), and simulated as in a computer game (O Fig. 1.6). Nearly every treatment tool as well as simulated X-ray control can be used (O Fig. 1.7). At the end of each treatment procedure, the candidate gets a trainee file with a performance description (O Fig. 1.8). The anatomy is close to the clinical situation. Even though bleeding can be simulated, realistic haptic force feedback and perforation is not possible. Furthermore, normal instruments can not be used, the included dummy instruments do not truly imitate the manual handling of endoscopes. More than 50 Uromentor systems have been sold worldwide to different urological departments. Most of them are used for student and resident training, but a high number of them also used for national or international training courses. The latest generation of the Uromentor includes the possibility to train the placement of a percutaneous i Patient File

Module: Stone Manipulation Case: 1

12 nun calculi m the nalit upper ureter with hydronephrosis


O Fig. 1.5. Virtual endourological cases based on real clinical cases

Ray Resection
□ Fig. 1.7. Different treatment tools and X-ray can be selected
□ Fig. 1.8. Trainee file with performance description
Body Images Urethrotomy
□ Fig. 1.9. Uromentor system for placement of a percutaneous nephrostomy

nephrostomy (□ Fig. 1.9). Another computer-based training system has come out for the simulation of transurethral resection of bladder tumours. This system cannot yet be purchased. A prototype has been tested.

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