What Are The Available Androgen Preparations

Table 2 shows the currently available androgen preparations and those under development. Until a decade ago, the only available effective androgen replacement treatment was testosterone enanthate or cypionate administered intramuscularly. In the past 15 yr, several transdermal preparations were tested and then marketed. Future goals of the pharmaceutical industry are to develop modified androgens and synthetic andro-gen-receptor modulators to avoid the potential adverse effects (e.g., stimulatory effects

Table 2

Androgen Preparations and Delivery System

Table 2

Androgen Preparations and Delivery System

Currently Available

Under Development


Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone undecanoate

Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone decanoate

Testosterone microspheres


Testosterone undecanoate

Buccal adhesive tablets

(not available in United States,

Sublingual testosterone cyclodextrin

but available in Canada, Mexico,

Buccal testosterone

Europe, Asia, and South America)

Selective androgen receptor modulators



Testosterone nonscrotal patch

Other testosterone gels, creams

Testosterone gel

DHT gel


Testosterone pellets (available as

7a-methyl 19 nor-testosterone (MENT)

75 mg in United States;

100 or 200 mg in Europe

or Australia)

DHT, dihydrotestosterone.

DHT, dihydrotestosterone.

of androgens on prostate growth) while maintaining the beneficial effects on muscle, masss, sexual function, and mood.

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