Conversion of Dehydroepiandrosterone to Testosterone

The microsomal enzyme 17P-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17P-HSD) catalyzes the interconversion of dehydroepiandrosterone and androstenediol, or androstenedione and testosterone. The 17P-dehydrogenase reaction is reversible, in contrast to the previous reactions in testosterone biosynthesis (60). Following the A5 pathway in humans, the C19 product, dehydroepiandrosterone, is converted to androstenediol by 17P-HSD, and then androstenediol is converted to testosterone by 3P-HSD. In the A4 pathway occurring in rodents, 17P-HSD uses androstenedione as substrate to produce testosterone (61). Testosterone is the principle steroid end product secreted by adult Leydig cells, but it can be further metabolized to 17P-estradiol (E2) and dehydrotestosterone (DHT) before secretion.

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

It seems like you hear it all the time from nearly every one you know I'm SO stressed out!? Pressures abound in this world today. Those pressures cause stress and anxiety, and often we are ill-equipped to deal with those stressors that trigger anxiety and other feelings that can make us sick. Literally, sick.

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