Visible Platform

Blocks of four trials

FIGURE 8 Experimental results for various aspects of the Morris water maze. (A) Average escape latency was assessed during training on the hidden platform task. Performance for mice (n = 13) improved over the course of the training, indicating learning of the task and the location of the hidden platform. Animals were trained using ten blocks of four training trials, over a 5-day period. (B and C) Probe tests are used to assess whether the animal has used a selective spatial strategy in learning the task. A selective search strategy is indicated by the subject spending significantly more time searching in the trained quadrant than in the other three quadrants when they are placed in the tank, after the hidden platform has been completely removed (see text). The subject also crosses the area where the platform had been during the training sessions significantly more often than they cross the corresponding areas in the other quadrants. During the probe trials on days 4 and 5, mice (n = 13) spent significantly more time searching in the trained quadrant (B) and crossed the platform area in the trained quadrant more frequently than in any of the alternate quadrants (C). (D) Average escape latency during training on the visible platform task. Performance for mice (n = 5) improved during training in this nonspatial variant of the Morris water maze task. Data and figure courtesy of Joel Selcher (16).

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