Ulna and Radius Right Anterior View Left Posterior View


A. Right radius

B. Right ulna

C. Left radius

D. Left ulna

1. Anterior oblique line of radius

2. Coronoid process of ulna

3. Distal extremity of radius

4. Head of radius a. Head of radius b. Head of radius

5. Interosseous border

6. Neck of radius

7. Olecranon of ulna

8. Radial notch of ulna

9. Radial styloid process

10. Radial tuberosity of radius

11. Trochlear notch of ulna

12. Tuberosity of ulna

13. Ulnar notch of radius

14. Ulnar styloid process

Ulna Posterior View

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  • Maria
    Are the radius and ulna right or left bones in an anterior or posterior view?
    8 years ago
  • charli
    Is the radius and ulna right/left bone in anterior/ a posterior view?
    7 years ago

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