Internal View


1. Ethmoid

2. Frontal

3. Occipital

4. Parietal

5. Sphenoid

6. Temporal


7. Carotid canal of temporal bone

8. Foramen lacerum

9. Foramen magnum of occipital bone

10. Foramen ovale of sphenoid

11. Foramen spinosum of sphenoid

12. Grooves for transverse and sigmoid sinuses

13. Internal acoustic meatus of temporal bone

14. Jugular foramen of temporal bone

15. Optic canal of sphenoid


16. Cribriform plate of ethmoid

17. Crista galli of ethmoid

18. Frontal sinus

19. Greater wing of sphenoid

20. Lesser wing of sphenoid

21. Orbital plate of frontal bone

22. Petrous portion of temporal bone (The incus, malleus, and stapes are not shown. They reside within the petrous portion of the temporal bone.)

23. Sella turcica of sphenoid

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