Anterolateral Impingement

Occasionally patients may develop symptoms of anterolateral impingement after one or more ankle inversion injuries [30,31]. Chronic ankle pain, particularly with dorsiflexion, is the predominant symptom [31,32]. Thickening of the anterior talofibular ligament, scar formation, and synovial hypertrophy in the anterolateral gutter are seen at imaging (Fig. 13) [33,34]. Treatment is typically physical therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications

Prominent Scar Tissue Medial Gutter
Fig. 13. A 37-year-old male with continued pain 5 months after ankle inversion injury. Sagittal STIR and axial FSE images demonstrate prominent scar and synovial hypertrophy in the anterolateral gutter. Anterolateral impingement.

[31]. In those patients whose symptoms do not improve with conservative therapy, surgical debridement is performed, with good to excellent results reported in most cases [30].

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