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The Epic soccer training program was developed by Matt Smith, a former All American professional soccer player who has also trained players of different skill levels, so he knows exactly what hes talking about. This training content consists of a Pdf format workbook and 4 modules (each module consisting of between 21 and 10 videos). In fact, the program uses exercises and drills that are designed to quickly improve users touch. Unlike other programs using those soccer skills to teach people slow movements, the Epic Soccer Training system focus on dynamic touches where people are moving at the fast pace are more effective in increasing your skills. With the help of this e-guide, you will be able to get more efficient touches in a short period of time. Around 90-percent of the methods and drills provided and demonstrated by Matt Smith inside his program can be executed without the assistance of another person. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

The Matchfit Method

The product is created and marketed by James Donnelly. This man is very willing to help ambitious footballers like you. The author is also a professional footballer with all the skills and experience that he thinks can help other go-getting footballers momentously. The Matchfit Method is a step-by-step Mildness, Endurance, strength, speed, Injury prevention and Nutrition system that aims at helping footballers from all parts of the world. This program provides you with the exact training routines that you need to complete. The author understands that you are already receiving training from your club training but now you need to improve in the key areas of football performance. This product is available in PDF downloadable formats. Though, some of the bonuses are available in video formats to really help you understand what is required from your side. With all the information available in those two formats, it can really helpful to you regardless of your football skills. Read more here...

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Total Soccer Fitness

Total Soccer Fitness is a guide that promises to take your soccer game to a whole new level. Not by improving your technique, but by strengthening your physique through a unique soccer conditioning program. This program teaches people how to use plyometrics safely and effectively to increase their power, speed, and their jumping ability. The program also covers the best strength and power exercises that are specifically designed for soccer, and circuit training workouts to improve endurance and flexibility. The main guide you get in Pdf format is over 160 pages long, and contains some great tips of all the major aspects of soccer fitness.

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How Can You Keep Emotionally And Physically Fit And Strong Enough To Cope With Stress

Do daily, effective exercise. Eat a healthy, balanced, low fat, low salt diet. Eat healthy food at home rather than snack or eat convenience foods from supermarkets or fast food outlets. Take time for yourself for regular leisure activities every day. Pursue a hobby. This may be a physical form of exercise like gardening, an outdoor sport, cycling, sailing, rowing, basketball, hiking, baseball, or soccer. Team sports are particularly therapeutic but difficult to arrange throughout the year. Take an interest and pride in yourself. Look inwardly for your good points and find these reassuring and a source of self-confidence. Avoid alcohol. Do not smoke. Take a break from work. Reduce caffeine - tea, coffee, chocolate. Drink water if you are thirsty.

General considerations

Traditionally, female athletes at risk were thought to be those whose activity emphasized leanness for aesthetic reasons (ballet, gymnastics), who associated a low body weight with improved performance (distance running), or those who were classified by weight (rowing, judo). However, girls at risk have been found in many other sports, including swimming, soccer, volleyball, and cycling.

Great Toe And Sesamoids

Medial Sesamoid

Stress fractures of the great toe and sesamoids are seen less frequently than other sites of stress-related injury, but when they do occur the diagnosis may be more difficult, resulting in a delay in diagnosis if this injury is not considered 8 . Stress fractures of the great toe have been reported in runners, soccer players, and volleyball players. Athletes who have pain in the first metatarso-phalangeal joint and who are exposed to excessive running, jumping, and repeated forced dorsiflexion of the first metatarsophalangeal seem to be predisposed to this injury 21 . As with stress-related injury in other locations, the symptoms typically occur during training without a history of trauma. Approximately 1 of all running injuries involve the sesamoids 40 of these are stress fractures and 30 are sesamoiditis 22 . Sesamoiditis osteochondritis, avascular necrosis, stress response of the synchondrosis of partite sesamoid bones, traumatic fractures, osteomyelitis, and bursitis between the...

Osteitis Pubis and Marrow Edema

Mri Image Inguinal Region

Runners, soccer players, and hockey players 7 . Since radiographic findings such as sclerosis, irregular margins, small osteophytes, and subchondral cystic changes may be seen in asymptomatic individuals, image-guided symphyseal cleft injections may help diagnosis and provide symptom relief 76 . Nuclear medicine scintigraphy may also show increased uptake but this finding is nonspecific.

Pelvic Apophyseal Avulsions Injury

Calcification Aiis

Likely sites of pelvic avulsions in adolescents with incomplete skeletal maturation include ischial tuberosity (hamstring insertion), anterior superior iliac spine (sartorius), anterior inferior iliac spine (rectus femoris), pubic symphysis (adductors), and greater and lesser trochanter (gluteus muscles and iliopsoas) and rarely iliac crest apophysis (abdominal wall insertion) 85 . Chronic avul-sive injuries can also be confused for malignant lesions or chronic infections and often result from chronic overuse injuries in patients participating in organized sports 86 . A review of over 200 cases of apophyseal avulsions showed the most common areas of involvement were the ischial tuberosity, anterior inferior iliac spine (ASIS), and anterior superior iliac spine (AIIS) with the highest association among those participating in soccer, gymnastics, and track and field athletics 87 (Fig. 20).

Special Considerations

Exercise, whether gym class, a soccer game, or a bike ride, lowers the blood glucose level both during and for up to 6 to 24 hours after the exercise. This delayed effect of exercise is called the lag effect. To evaluate the effect of exercise, the blood glucose level should be checked before and after exercise. Exercise is not recommended if the blood glucose level is 250 mg dl. with ketones in the urine or 300 mg dl. without ketones in the urine. The safest time to exercise is after a meal or snack, when the blood glucose level is slightly higher. Basic snack guidelines are to add one starch or fruit exchange (15 g carbohydrate) for every 30 to 60 minutes of exercise.

Treatment of pathologic femoral neck fractures

Femoral Neck Plates

This 10-year-old boy fell during a soccer game his right leg was in external rotation, he was unable to walk a, b. Radiographs taken the next day showed a right-sided neck fracture in the presence of a large juvenile bone cyst involving neck and trochanter c, d. During surgery a massive angle-stable Deyerle plate and three wires having threads at their tips were used. In addition, the epiphysis was fixed with two Kirschner wires. The cyst was curetted, exposing a large defect in the bone wall. The cavity was later filled twice with cancel-lous bone from the bone bank e. One and a half year later, we observed a loss of head sphericity at the weight bearing area. We transferred to the neck and head a pedicled bone graft attached to the quadratus femoris muscle and stabilized it with a Kirschner wire f. After 19 years the remodeling of the femoral head, its anatomic contour and the multiple small cysts and or resorption cavities in head and neck are well seen. A shortening of the femoral...

Derek R Armfield MDab David Hyun Min Kim MDc Jeffrey D Towers MDa James P Bradley MDd Douglas D Robertson MD PhDab

Muscle injuries are common and often occur during sport or training with over 90 caused by excessive strain or contusion 1 . A 5-year study of European soccer players showed muscle strain represented 30 of injuries with the quadriceps (32 ), hamstring (28 ), adductor (19 ), and gastrocnemius (12 ) muscle injuries being the most common 2 . Treatment typically consists of rest, ice, compression, elevation, and stretching and rehabilitation. Programs are designed to treat and prevent, as those with prior injuries are prone to recurrence. This problem is particularly important in elite athletes where decisions regarding return to play and player performance can have significant financial or strategic consequences for the player and team.

External events have triggered changes on Earth

Iridium Meteorites

At least 30 meteorites between the sizes of baseballs and soccer balls hit Earth each year. Collisions with large meteorites are rare, but large meteorites have been responsible for several mass extinctions. Evidence for these collisions is found in the craters that resulted from their impact, dramatic disfigurations of rocks (microspherules and shocked quartz crystals), and within giant molecules that contain trapped helium and argon with isotopic ratios characteristic of meteorites, which are very different from the ratios found on Earth. Also, fern fossils are abundant in rocks that formed at the end of the Triassic and Cretaceous periods. Because ferns can more quickly colonize and survive in bare environments than most other plants, their abundance suggests that meteorite impacts had scoured vast areas of Earth's surface.

Narrative Approach to Personality

Matter, even many) p-traits that cannot be ascribed to beings that aren't persons because of them lacking certain abilities. In this vein it would be right to say that a person, but not an animal can be virtuous or courteous as these traits require a conceptual grasp of certain values or norms that is beyond reach for any known animal mind. However, compared to character as it may be attributed to beings which are not persons, personality is not merely a construct with some extra dimensions. Rather, there is a qualitative difference due to the fact that persons are self-referential beings, who not only have character traits, but, moreover, hold a set of beliefs about these traits as well.125 What persons believe about their own p-traits is part of a more complex system of self-related beliefs (and, as we will see, motifs) that constitutes their self-concept. When, in the third section, we found that persons as moral agents need to have a concept of themselves being members of a...

Human Cannibalism

While factors that explain cannibalism among animals can also be applied to humans, there are several other possibilities to examine in the case of humans. Prehistoric humans engaged in cannibalism as a means of survival, and modern human cannibalism because of a natural disaster or an accident has also been recorded. There are stories of shipwrecked sailors resorting to cannibalism of their dead and even murder and cannibalism in order to survive. Perhaps two of the most famous instances of modern cannibalism forced by starvation was the 1846-1847 experience of the Donner Party in California, and the 1972 incident involving the Andes mountain crash of a plane carrying a Uruguayan soccer team. In both instances, the survivors resorted to cannibalism (but

Proximal Injury

Proximal nonapophyseal avulsions of the rectus femoris tendon have been described but considered rare, although with increasing awareness of intra-artic-ular hip pathology and imaging of unilateral hips, recognition may increase. A recent case report describes injury in two professional football kickers in the NFL 35 . Each had MR findings of retraction of the direct head (1 and 3.5 cm). Both were treated conservatively with the patient with the 1-cm retraction injury ultimately returning to competition. Another case report describes a surgically corrected chronic rupture of proximal myotendinous junction of the rec-tus femoris in a soccer player with good clinical outcome 36 (Fig. 11).


Practising a speech, soccer kicks, dancing, the violin solo and then hypnotically sees himself transfer that positive, success image to an adjacent image of himself on the stage in the auditorium or at the site of the big game. Other options might include using the idea of 'switches' to teach a child to 'Just turn down the dial on that nervous feeling from 4 to 3 That's right from 3 to 2 great and either 2 to 0 right away or 2 to 1 and then to 0, whichever you prefer.' Motivating, ego-strengthening suggestions might include so-called 'future projection', that is picturing in their mind 'how the audience is applauding, how proud you feel, and the wonderful things you hear your proud Mom and Dad saying'.

Compartment Syndrome

Ganglion Proximal Tibiofibular Joint

Compartment syndrome often involves the calf following blunt trauma or fracture 21,22 . It may also result from muscle strain injury and associated swelling and hematoma (Fig. 29). Compartment syndrome without muscle injury has been described in the anterior compartment of the lower leg in soccer players 127 . Increased pressure within fascial compartments leads to capillary circulatory compromise with ischemia to the musculature and nerves, and progress to tissue necrosis if left untreated. While typically a clinical diagnosis confirmed with pressure measurements, MR may be used to evaluate the extent of involvement but should not delay intervention in emergency cases. Findings in the acute setting include increased T2 signal with muscle enlargement, edema, or both 10 .

Commotio Cordis

Commotio cordis, or cardiac concussion, refers to sudden death caused by a relatively low-energy chest-wall impact. Although a rare syndrome, it has been reported with increasing frequency in young individuals participating in athletic activities (169-176). Commotio cordis typically occurs in youths age 5-16, who are participating in athletic activities in which there is blunt impact to the chest. Commotio cordis has usually been described with baseball, but has also been reported with hockey, lacrosse, fistfights, soccer, and other athletic activities. In all instances, a chest-wall impact results in rapid

Groin Pain

Hip Adductor Pathology

Groin pain can be disabling to the high-performance and recreational athlete. It is often associated with sports requiring kicking and rapid change in directions, such as soccer, rugby, hockey, and American football players 16 . Injury data from the National Hockey League reveals groin injury occurs at a rate of 13 to 20 injuries per 100 players per year 71 .


Lumbar Spine Capsular Pattern

Knee injury patterns among men and women in collegiate basketball and soccer NCAA data and review of literature. Am J Sports Med 1995 23(6) 694-701. 3 Agel J, Arendt EA, Bershadsky B. Anterior cruciate ligament injury in national collegiate athletic association basketball and soccer a 13-year review. Am J Sports Med 2005 33(4) 524-30.

Soccer Fitness 101

Soccer Fitness 101

Be a star on the field in no time! Get Fit For The Soccer Field In 10 Easy Steps! With soccer season looming just around the corner it’s never too early to start getting ready. Soccer is an intense game, and it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you’re ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.

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