The Bronchial Circulation

The conducting airways have a separate circulation known as the bronchial circulation, which is distinct from the pulmonary circulation. The primary function of the bronchial circulation is to nourish the walls of the conducting airways and surrounding tissues by distributing blood to the supporting structures of the lungs. Under normal conditions, the bronchial circulation does not supply blood to the terminal respiratory units (respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveoli); they receive their blood from the pulmonary circulation. Venous return from the bronchial circulation is by two routes: bronchial veins and pulmonary veins. About half of the bronchial blood flow returns to the right atrium by way of the bronchial veins, which empty into the azygos vein. The remainder returns through small bronchopulmonary anastomoses into the pulmonary veins.

Bronchial arterial pressure is approximately the same as aortic pressure, and bronchial vascular resistance is much higher than resistance in the pulmonary circulation. Bronchial blood flow is approximately 1 to 2% of cardiac output but, in certain inflammatory disorders of the airways (e.g., chronic bronchitis), it can be as high as 10% of cardiac output.

The bronchial circulation is the only portion of the circulation in the adult lung that is capable of undergoing an-giogenesis, the formation of new vessels. This is extremely important in providing collateral circulation to the lung parenchyma, especially when the pulmonary circulation is compromised. When a clot or embolus obstructs pulmonary blood flow, the adjacent parenchyma is kept alive by the development of new blood vessels.

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