Net Tubular Reabsorption or Secretion of a Substance Can Be Calculated From Filtered and Excreted Amounts

The rate at which the kidney tubules reabsorb a substance can be calculated if we know how much is filtered and how much is excreted per unit time. If the filtered load of a substance exceeds the rate of excretion, the kidney tubules must have reabsorbed the substance. The equation is:

Treabsorbed Px

where T is the tubular transport rate.

The rate at which the kidney tubules secrete a substance is calculated from this equation:

Note that the quantity excreted exceeds the filtered load because the tubules secrete X.

In equations 8 and 9, we assume that substance X is freely filterable. If, however, substance X is bound to the plasma proteins, which are not filtered, then it is necessary to correct the filtered load for this binding. For example, about 40% of plasma Ca2+ is bound to plasma proteins, so 60% of plasma Ca2+ is freely filterable.

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