Hemoglobin and Capillary Blood Volume Affect Lung Diffusing Capacity

Diffusing capacity does not depend solely on the diffusion properties of the lungs,- it is also affected by blood hematocrit and pulmonary capillary blood volume. Both the hematocrit and capillary blood volume affect Dl in the same direction (i.e., a decrease in either the hematocrit or capillary blood volume will lower the diffusing capacity in otherwise normal lungs). For example, if two individuals have the same the pulmonary diffusion properties but one is anemic (reduced hematocrit), the anemic individual will have a decreased lung diffusing capacity. An abnormally low cardiac output lowers the pulmonary capillary blood volume, which decreases the alveolar capillary surface area and will, in turn, decrease the diffusing capacity in otherwise normal lungs.

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