Fig. 2.3a-c. CT coronal reconstructions through the ethmoid labyrinth. a Middle nasal fossa at the level of the short horizontal portion of the uncinate process posterior to the ethmoid infundibulum (white arrowheads on left side). A large ethmoid bulla (B) impinges the left middle turbinate on left side. b The CT section cuts the posterior part of the bulla (B). The horizontal portion of the cribriform plates (arrowheads) appears thinner than the bone of the fovea ethmoidalis (FE). Bilateral pneumatization of the superior turbinate (ST) is present. c Lateral attachment of the middle turbinate - the ground lamella (opposite arrows) - onto the lateral nasal wall. Posterior ethmoid cells (PEC) extend between the lamina papyracea and the supreme turbinate (SuT)

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