Uncinate Process

The most frequent variants are an anomalous curvature with the tip medially and downwardly oriented or the pneumatization of the uncinate process (up to

18% of subjects), the latter generally limited to the apex (uncinate bulla) (Boiger et al. 1991) (Figs. 2.2, 2.14). Seldom, a hypoplastic uncinate process, tightly

Uncinate Process Pneumatization
Fig. 2.14. Pneumatization of the vertical portion of the right uncinate process (arrow). The left inserts onto the fovea eth-moidalis [type 5 according to LaNdSbERg and FRiEdmaN (2001)]. Note the focal nasal septum destruction due to cocaine abuse

adjacent to the lateral nasal wall or fused to the inferior aspect of the orbital floor or to the lamina papyracea, narrows the ethmoid infundibulum (at-electatic infundibulum). As a consequence underde-velopment of the maxillary sinus is observed along with intrasinusal mucous retention. In addition, the hypoplastic maxillary sinus is associated with a lower-than-normal location of the orbital floor. This variant has to be noted because of the higher risk of orbital damage at surgery. More rarely, the uncinate process may be absent.

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