Complications Of Frontal Sinus Osteoma

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Imaging Findings

Sinonasal paragangliomas exhibit no distinctive imaging feature. On both CT and MR sinonasal para-gangliomas appear as markedly enhancing lesions; bone destruction can be observed (Myssiorek 2001) (Fig. 8.48). The differential diagnosis is therefore restricted to highly vascularized lesions, such as lobular capillary hemangioma, hemangiopericytoma, schwannoma, and metastases (particularly from kidney, breast, and thyroid cancer).

Pyogeni Brast

Fig. 8.48. Paraganglioma. Gd-DTPA SE T1 on sagittal plane. Brightly enhancing ethmoid lesion eroding the anterior cranial fossa floor. Note encroachment of the hyperintense signal of the dura (arrows), indicating intradural extension. The lesion also invades both the frontal and sphenoid sinus (arrowheads)

Fig. 8.48. Paraganglioma. Gd-DTPA SE T1 on sagittal plane. Brightly enhancing ethmoid lesion eroding the anterior cranial fossa floor. Note encroachment of the hyperintense signal of the dura (arrows), indicating intradural extension. The lesion also invades both the frontal and sphenoid sinus (arrowheads)


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