Clinical and Endoscopic Findings

Clinical manifestations of mucosal malignant melanoma are quite nonspecific. Metastases to cervical lymph nodes are detected in a 5.7% to 18.7% of patients (Manolidis and Donald 1997; Patel et al. 2002b), mostly at the submandibular and upper jugular levels. Distant metastases, in particular to lung and brain, are found in 3.1% to 14% of patients (Stern and Guillamondegui 1991; Batsakis et al. 1998; Rinaldo et al. 2001).

At endoscopy, mucosal melanoma appears as a polypoid lesion, with areas of necrosis or superficial hemorrhages (Rinaldo et al. 2001). Its color varies from pink to brownish (Matias et al. 1988) or grayish. This may reflect the different grades of pigmentation of the lesion; poorly pigmented or not pigmented tumors may account for up to one third of all the cases (Rinaldo et al. 2001).

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