Bulla Frontalis

Agger Nasi SagittalBulla Frontalis

Fig. 2.9a-d. Bulla frontalis type I. a On the coronal image either agger nasi cells and frontal cells type I are shown. The axial plane (b) corresponds to the lower transversal grid on the coronal image. On the postero-medial aspect of the agger nasi cells the attachment of the uncinate processes is visible. The upper transversal grid cuts both frontal cells giving the axial plane in (c). Mucosal thickening on the internal surfaces on the right bulla frontalis (arrow). d The plane corresponds to the sagittal grid on (a). The bulla frontalis type I locates on the top of the agger nasi cell, abutting its roof and projecting into the frontal sinus (arrowhead). A terminal recess (TR) is present. Small arrows indicate the uncinate process. The curved broken arrow runs along the path of the frontal recess

Fig. 2.10. Bilateral bulla frontalis, chronic sinusitis. A tier of several small frontal bullae - type II - is demonstrated on the right side (black arrows). Air has been replaced by fluid within bullae and frontal sinus (FS). A large bulla frontalis on the left (type III) is also detected (white arrows)

Frontal Bulla
Fig. 2.11. a A large bulla frontalis type III projects into the right frontal sinus (arrows). b Demonstration of an isolated frontal cell type IV (arrows) with mucosal thickening inside (and within surrounding frontal sinusal walls)

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