Spinal Nerves

Motor nerve fibers begin to appear in the fourth week, arising from nerve cells in the basal plates (ventral horns) of the spinal cord. These fibers collect into bundles known as ventral nerve roots (Fig. 19.10). Dorsal nerve roots form as collections of fibers originating from cells in dorsal root ganglia (spinal ganglia). Central processes from these ganglia form bundles that grow into the spinal cord opposite the dorsal horns. Distal processes join the ventral nerve roots to form a spinal nerve (Fig. 19.10). Almost immediately, spinal nerves divide into dorsal and ventral primary rami. Dorsal primary rami innervate dorsal axial musculature, vertebral joints, and the skin of the back. Ventral primary rami innervate the limbs and ventral body wall and form the major nerve plexuses (brachial and lumbosacral).

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