Problems to Solve

1. Amniocentesis reveals an elevated AFP level. What should be included in a differential diagnosis, and how would a definitive one be made?

2. A 40-year-old woman is approximately 8 weeks pregnant. What tests are available to determine whether her unborn child has Down syndrome? What are the risks and advantages of each technique?

3. Why is it important to determine the status of an infant prenatally? What maternal or family factors might raise your concern about the well-being of an unborn infant?

4. What factors influence the action of a teratogen?

5. A young woman in only the third week of her pregnancy develops a fever of 104° but refuses to take any medication because she is afraid that drugs will harm her baby. Is she correct?

6. A young woman who is planning a family seeks advice about folic acid and other vitamins. Should she take such a supplement, and if so, when and how much?

7. A young insulin-dependent diabetic woman who is planning a family is concerned about the possible harmful effects of her disease on her unborn child. Are her concerns valid, and what would you recommend?

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Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

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