Phase 2 Penetration Of The Zona Pellucida

The zona is a glycoprotein shell surrounding the egg that facilitates and maintains sperm binding and induces the acrosome reaction. Both binding and the acrosome reaction are mediated by the ligand ZP3, a zona protein. Release of acrosomal enzymes (acrosin) allows sperm to penetrate the zona, thereby coming in contact with the plasma membrane of the oocyte (Fig. 2.5). Permeability of the zona pellucida changes when the head of the sperm comes in contact with the oocyte surface. This contact results in release of lysosomal enzymes from cortical granules lining the plasma membrane of the oocyte. In turn, these enzymes alter properties of the zona pellucida (zona reaction) to prevent sperm penetration and inactivate species-specific receptor sites for spermatozoa on the zona surface. Other spermatozoa have been found embedded in the zona pellucida, but only one seems to be able to penetrate the oocyte (Fig. 2.6).

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