Part one

General Embryology 1

chapter 1

Gametogenesis: Conversion of Germ Cells Into Male and

Female Gametes 3

chapter 2

First Week of Development: Ovulation to Implantation 31

chapter 3

Second Week of Development: Bilaminar Germ Disc 51

chapter 4

Third Week of Development: Trilaminar Germ Disc 65

chapter 5

Third to Eighth Week: The Embryonic Period 87

chapter 6

Third Month to Birth: The Fetus and Placenta 117

chapter 7

Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis 149

part two

Special Embryology 169

chapter 8 Skeletal System

1 71 ix chapter 9

Muscular System 199

chapter 10

Body Cavities 211

chapter 11

Cardiovascular System 223

chapter 12

Respiratory System 275

chapter 13

Digestive System 285

chapter 14

Urogenital System 321

chapter 15

Head and Neck 363

chapter 16

Ear 403

chapter 17

Eye 415

chapter 18

Integumentary System 42 7

chapter 19

Central Nervous System 433

part three

Appendix 483

Answers to Problems 485

Figure Credits 499

Index 507

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