SVA (geniculate ganglion) GSA (geniculate ganglion) GVA (geniculate ganglion) SVE

(branchiomotor) GVE

SSA (vestibular and spiral ganglia)

SVA (inferior ganglion) GVA (superior ganglion)

GSA (inferior ganglion) SVE

(branchiomotor) GVE (otic ganglion)

Nasal epithelium (smell) Retina (vision) Sup., inf., med. Rectus, inf. oblique, levator palpebrae sup. m. sphincter pupillae, ciliary m. Sup. oblique m.

Skin, mouth, facial m., teeth, ant. two thirds of tongue proprioception: skin, muscles, joints M. of mastication, mylohyoid, ant. belly of digastric, tensor velipalatini, post. belly of diagastric m. Lateral rectus m. Taste ant. two thirds of tongue Skin ext. auditory meatus Ant. two thirds of tongue M. of facial expression, stapeduis, stylohyoid, post. belly of digastric Submandibular, sublingual, and lacrimal glands Semicircular canals, utricle, saccule (balance)

spiral organ of Corti (hearing) Post. one third of tongue (taste) Parotid gland, carotid body and sinus, middle ear External ear

Stylopharyngeus Parotid gland


TABLE 19.1 (Continued )

Cranial Nerve

Brain Region



Vagus (X)


SVA (inferior

Palate and epiglottis

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