The Soybean Cyst Nematode Heterodera Glycines Ichinohe 1952 In Argentina

'Laboratorio de Nematología. Centro de Zoología Aplicada,

Casilla de correo '22, (5000) Córdoba, Argentina 2Estación Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres, (4'0') Tucumán, Argentina

Abstract. The damage caused by the soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines in Argentina is revised, together with possible management strategies. This nematode emerged in the last decade as one of the most important parasites of soybean in the region. The histopathology, population dynamics and dispersal of H. glycines and the effects of selected resistant lines and varieties are discussed. Among management tools, observations on the effects of soil fungi on H. glycines densities suggest a possible role of natural suppressiveness and biological control. Recommended actions include development of detailed knowledge about the occurrence of the nematode, trainings of experts, development of sound outreach programs and extension activities, evaluation of the nematode incidence on yields and research related to soybean resistance and possible exploitation of natural antagonists.

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