The most economically important nematode pathogens of cotton are Meloidogyne incognita (host races 3 and 4) and Rotylenchulus reniformis. Other species known to damage cotton include Belonolaimus longicaudatus, Hoplolaimus columbus, Pratylenchus brachyurus and Meloidogyne acronea. Additional nematodes associated with cotton include Hoplolaimus aegypti, H. galeatus, H. indicus, H. seinhorsti, Longidorus sp., Paratrichodorus sp., Rotylenchulus parvus (Louw, 1982), Scutellonema sp., and Xiphinema sp. Previous reviews of cotton nematodes include Blasingame (1994); Bridge (1992); Da Ponte, Jilho, Lordello, and Lordello (1998); Garber, DeVay, Goodel, and Roberts (1996); Heald and Orr (1984); Koenning et al. (2004); Lawrence and McLean (2001); Mueller and Lewis (2001); Overstreet and McGawley (2001); Robinson et al. (2001); Sasser (1972); Starr (1998); Starr and Page (1990); Thomas and Kirkpatrick (2001) and Veech (1984).

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