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Testshock All Natural Testosterone Enhancement

Christopher Walker is the author of “Testosterone I/O:” a body of work that quickly became the top selling enhancement program on the Clickbank marketplace. Later, the book’s name was changed to “Testshock: 100% Natural Testosterone Optimization Program,” and the book was updated. Thus, “Testshock” is therefore a brand new edition of a former program once called, “Testosterone I/O. “ This second edition features brand new materials, and therefore is vastly improved over the original, best-selling testosterone improvement program. Walker writes the book based on his own experiences. He can therefore empathize with the reader who is experiencing issues with testosterone levels and knows what it feels like to desire a natural solution for improving one’s levels. Simultaneously, the reader will be able to empathize with the author, as he shares his personal stories, struggles, and eventual victories.

About The Author

Walker graduated with a degree in Neuroscience from Duke's University. He completed the program in a period of three years; he is the first individual to achieve such an accomplishment. He takes his knowledge from what he learned and shares much of it with his readers; Walker relied on his understanding of Neuro-Endrocrine Sciences and his access to resources at Duke University to find a solution to his issue with low testosterone. Today, he is 25 years of age, 6'4" tall, and his total body weight is 205 pounds. His body fat remains at 9 to 10% his total body weight.

Christopher WalkerNormal range for testosterone levels in males is 400-1000 ng/dL. The negative consequences of low testosterone include depression, low libido, anxiety, and the inability to build and retain muscle, insomnia, pallid skin, and lack of self-confidence. Walker himself elevated his testosterone levels during an 18-month period from 11ng/dL to 1192 ng/dL, so he writes from personal and quite successful experiences. He had the unfortunate experience of having a brain tumor that literally played a role in the lack of his testosterone production. The prescribed treatments for the tumor did nothing to improve the way Chris felt or to improve his testosterone production. Chris was gaining weight, depressed, and he lacked any sense of well being.

One day he made the incredible decision to discard his medications for good. He even discarded the supplements and herbals he was taking in an effort to heal. As Walker studied neuroscience, he started to learn the very things he needed to do to improve his testosterone levels, health, and life. He changed what he was eating, how he was working out, and learned about the real benefits of intermittent fasting and appropriate nutrition. He began to lose weight gradually and his well-being, physical appearance, and self-confidence saw massive improvements over the course of time. Best of all, while the brain tumor is still present, Walker has increased his testosterone levels and improved his health exponentially. The author of the “Testshock” program found a way to increase his testosterone production without medications, gels, lotions, or pills. His plan offers 100% all natural remedies for low testosterone production, and now he shares his learning with his readers.

What is TestShock Program about?

AnabolicMen.com, a website with the sole focus for offering information about improving one's testosterone levels, has identified Christopher Walker's “Testshock” program as a "A to Z guide" for naturally optimizing testosterone levels. NoGym, Muscle for Life, uDemy, Fast Company, The Man Blog, and Kinobody have all featured Walker's impressive body of work. The newly redesigned book is fully updated with new bonuses. What’s more, the audio book is also all new and improved since Christopher has added two years of professional podcasting experience behind it so the listener can enjoy a better listening experience. With his plan, Walker has successfully helped other males get their testosterone levels up to and over the 1000 ng/dl limit within a short period.

Christopher Walker's “Testshock” program is chockfull of information. The eBook features 274 full color pages, with few illustrations, meaning the reader gets more text information and fewer pictures. The book is broken down into five sections. Walker starts out with his own story and a shoAbout TestShockrt glossary of terms that help in making the reading of the text easier for the reader. The first chapter of the work is the "Learning Section," where the reader is introduced to the Endocrine system, The HPA Axis, Testosterone information, Coritsol, and Growth Hormones. The second section of the book is the "Nutrition Section," and includes information on Body Fat, Cholesterol, Intermittent Fasting, Macronutrients, Soy, and Supplements. The third section of the book covers Training topics, including neuromuscular training, endurance training, and the mini-cycle principle. The book also includes special topics and a 6-month training plan for beginner, intermediate, and advanced training. The reader even gets a sample menu plan.

The “Testshock” program is available in three, information-packed, well-written versions, and with the uppermost version of the plan, otherwise called the Deluxe version, users get a copy of the "Aggressive Shred" Program: a 74-page, full-color, 11 Chapter eBook. The full-length “Aggressive Shred” eBook, by Christopher Walker and Greg O'Gallagher, contains a wealth of information on everything from what the program participant should eat to how an individual should train. The book starts out with a chapter about preliminary steps and the things an individual needs to do and invest in so that an individual can make the most of the program offerings. The reader will get information on what the reader should include on a grocery list that includes a detailed listing of the appropriate fatty/lean meats, starches, fruits, and veggies. Walker also recommends some appropriate supplements to take during the course of the program.

In Walker's and Gallagher’s "Aggressive Shred eBook," the authors explore the dangers of cutting calories too low, appropriate caloric intake, and he supplies the reader with a detailed nutrition plan. The reader even gets some tips on what to eat while dining out. The reader will discover a highly detailed workout regimen as well as information on strength progression. In addition to the training program, Walker includes a cardio guidelines, information about safe and effective intermittent fasting, and details about macro tracking. The end of the book concludes with answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition and training as well as a bonus supplements section.

What Do You Get?

The “Testshock” program is available in three different versions, thereby offering everyone an extra level of affordability and ease of access. The program is available in the lite, the Black I/O edition, and the deluxe version. The lite version of the “Testshock” program is available at a cost of $77. The Black I/O and The Deluxe version are both available at a cost of $97. With the lite program, the reader gets a 140 page lite eBook as a PDF file. The eBook contains tons of information on technology, intermittent fasting, carb consumption, libido, and more.

TestShock What Is IncludedThe Black I/O Edition contains the full 264 page eBook in the form of a PDF file, three to six months of training programs, a meal plan covering four weeks, and coverage of extra topics like how to get inexpensive testosterone testing, the effect of alcohol on testosterone production, male pattern baldness, and more. The reader also gets access to "T-Booster" Interview with Examine.com's very own Kurtis Gruters.

Finally, the Deluxe Version of the “Testshock” program includes the PDF eBook, everything the reader gets in the Black I/O Edition, including the interview with Examine.com's Kurtis Gruters, and access to a three-hour version of the audio book that has a value of $47. What's more, the reader will receive a 50% off coupon for use on the Aggressive Shred Program by Christopher Walker and Greg O'Gallagher. The latter body of work is only available to those who purchase the Deluxe “Testshock” program. For any program purchased, there is no waiting for access. Instant download of all programs is available. Walker offers his readers a full 60-day money back guarantee as well, so the reader can buy and download the product with no risks involved.


Walker encourages "patient action," and suggests that only through a combination of knowledge and action can any user of the program witness success. In fact, the author starts the book out with a quote from Leo Tolstoy, which suggests that amazing achievements take time, and that no serious success has occurred overnight. Walker expresses a clear understanding of the commitment required in order to make his program work, and he clearly conveys such a fact to his readers. The program is one implemented over a three to six month period, and the reader will find the program quite actionable, provided they are willing to commit themselves to doing everything in the program for the length of time necessary to see full results. “Testshock” is a highly recommended program and comes recommended from the like of James Ellis, from the website JamesEllisFit.com, Kinobody's Greg O'Gallagher, and Rusty Moore, from FitnessBlackBook.com. Mike Matthews, from MuscleForLife.com, identifies “Testshock” as an "overall vitality" plan. The eBook is jammed pack with useful information, not just of increasing testosterone, but also for improving one's overall well-being, physical health, confidence, and life.

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