Relieve Age Old Back Pain in Just 16 Minutes With My Backpain Coach

My Back Pain Coach

What is My Back Pain Coach?

It is a video series developed for people like you who want to once and for all live the life they had before the onset of excruciating back pain. You can call it a miracle because, in just 8 movements that take roughly 16 minutes, your life long bone breaking back pain will vanish in the thin air.

That’s right.

16 minutes of your life, after which, you will

  • Resume your daily life activities just like before,
  • Experience a rush of life in your spine and the surrounding areas,
  • Get rid of the taser like shocks in your buttocks and thighs,
  • Walk, run, and move around with more vigor and energy,
  • Go to your work without any interruptions, and
  • Never experience the pain again.

That’s not all, the eight movements are produced to

  • Strengthen your core, especially your abs for better balance and stability,
  • Improve your posture for the times to come,
  • Walk taller as your contracted and tightened muscles are relaxed, and
  • Increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to your spine and the rest of the body so that all of the aching areas receive their deserved share of pain soothing chemicals.

The 8 Movements

The video series heavily relies on 8 pioneer movements that can be performed without any difficulty at all. Here is a little detail of those movements:

Movement 1: It activates all the muscles and releases any tension to promote balance between them.

Movement 2: This movement targets your hip muscles and activates them for further balance.

Movement 3: The first two movements will prepare your body for the rest of the movements and as you commence this movement, you will feel a slight release of your pain.

Movement 4: Initially stated in movement 3, the rush of the nutrients and oxygen necessary to relieve muscle pain is strengthened in this movement.

Movement 5: Through this movement, the lower back is decompressed. Generally, the wave of relief also strengthens here.

Movement 6: All the induced curves in the spine are corrected here and your body is aligned along the course of your spine.

Movement 7: It completes the stabilization that had been started by movement 6. Till now, you will experience that your hips, spine, and the rest of your body will be adjusted in their natural pain-free position.

Movement 8: The last movement is to seal all the goodness achieved in the former steps. However, it does more. It gently compresses the disks to flush out all the unnecessary blood clots out and encourage a rush of new blood in.

As the last movement completes, like all the users of this program, you will have a bright smile on your face. You will feel as if a mountain has been lifted off your shoulders and as if you’ve been granted a new life - better and stronger than the previous one.

The beauty of these movements is that they are not anything like you’ve been doing in the traditional exercises such as

  • Yoga,
  • Pilates,
  • Massage therapy, and
  • Exercises recommended by physical therapists.

Even, the program entirely is different from other well-known pain relieving methods such as

  • Pain medications,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Electric stimulation,
  • Stress relief therapy called alphabiotics, and
  • Kinesis Myofascial Integration.

So, can you trust this program?

The veracity or trustworthiness of this program can be judged from the fact that it has been developed by a trainer of Olympians, working in Serbia. Named Bojan, he possesses uncanny and polished pain relieving skills learned from the leading professors that, too, coach the world-class athletes of Serbia. He finished first in his class when he was studying at the University of Belgrade, and he even served as a faculty member in the same university upon graduation.

He met Ian Hart, the producer of these series, and through the 8 miracle movement technique, he completely relieved him of his excruciating back pain.

Since then, Ian Hart, owner of his personal fitness studio has been helping many patients like you - his recent patient being Jim, a bus driver, aged 49. Jim had no hopes of resuming his service until retirement and his medical bill, in order to find a cure, amounted to $150,000.

Ian Hart proved to be an angel of deliverance for him and just like him, you could too take a sigh of relief.


Besides the main video series, the following bonuses are given for free.

1. Nine Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

This series gives you more insight into the program and provides you more exercises.

2. One-On-One Coaching

This bonus involves a personalized session with the author by email.

3. The Begin Your Day Program

A compilation of daily routine exercises, this bonus will keep back pain at bay for the times to come.  

My Back Pain Coach
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