Simnon was developed at the Department of Automatic Control at the Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden in the late 1980s. The program in its early versions (V1.0 to V3.2) was written to run under DOS on PCs. A simple, algebraic input script was used. The author found in 1988 that Simnon v2.0 was particularly well suited for simulation of compartmental pharmacokinetic systems, chemical kinetic systems, and physiological regulators and control systems because its input modality is in the form of algebraic ODEs, which arise naturally from the analysis and modeling of these three classes of systems. Simnon also allows the simultaneous simulation of a discrete controller, if desired.

The latest Windows version, Simnon 3.0/PCW, is well suited to solve sets of stiff ODEs. The user has the choice of one of four integration algorithms: Runge-Kutta/Fehlberg 2nd/3rd, Runge-Kutta/Fehlberg 4th/5th, Euler, and Dormand-Prince 4th/5th. Simnon 3.0/PCW can handle up to 10,000 states (ODEs), 100 subsystems, 50 pure time delays, 50 function tables, 32 plot variables, and up to 100 stored variables. Calculations are performed with double precision. Simnon has a user-friendly, interactive, GUI, and it has quality graphic outputs on monitors and to laser and bubblejet printers. Solutions of sets of nonlinear ODEs by Simnon can be displayed in the time domain, or parametrically as phase-plane plots. Simnon data files can also be exported to Matlab. Matlab can be used to do time- and frequency-domain operations not found in Simnon.

The author has also run the DOS Simnon V3.2 on a Pentium PC with the Windows NT4® operating system. Simnon V3.2 has color graphics that can be printed out as such with a suitable color printer. Simnon V3.2 cost about $750, the student version, $95.

The new windows version, Simnon 3.0/PCW with a user-friendly GUI is available from SSPA Maritime Consulting, P.O. Box 24001, S-400 22 Goteborg, Sweden, e-mail [email protected]. Simnon can be ordered online from: /simnon/simnon.htm. Its price is ECU 99 from SSPA (about U.S. $103, 11/99). Truly a bargain. The user manual is on the CD.

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